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Woodworm Eradication
Our   woodworm   treatments   are   relatively   straightforward.   Infected   timbers or   materials   are   replaced,   before   we   apply   the   treatment   or   preservative with a brush or spray.
Other   eradication   services   include   chemical   sterilisation,   treatment   of   susceptible   timber   with   preservatives, together with timber replacement if necessary
Just   like   our   damp   proofing   services,   all   our   timber   treatments   are   carried   out   by   qualified   tradesmen   and come with a full guarantee.
Is woodworm eating away at your property's timber ?
Have    you    discovered    holes    in    your    woodwork?    Is    your    property    suffering    from    weak    or    damaged floorboards?   Have   you   noticed   a   sawdust-like   substance   around   the   holes   or   dead   beetles   near   or   around   the affected areas? If so, you've probably got an infestation of woodworm.
If   you   suspect   that   you've   got   an   infestation   of   woodworm,   don't   worry, Acorn Damp Proofing have years of experience in woodworm eradication, Call us now on 01709 445 073 for a FREE quote for your woodworm problem.
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